So many scams, so little time

**Just an update to this scam – the caller may even identify themself as calling from Microsoft. Even though they may sound convincing, PLEASE REMEMBER – this is a scam! Don’t give anyone remote access to your computer or allow them to install things on it! Especially after just a phone call out of the blue!

We have been quite busy lately cleaning viruses. It’s not that we’re complaining, because we’re very honoured to be the ones you call to fix these problems. We love being busy, love our customers, and¬†appreciate the fact that you bring your problems to us. ¬†The frustrating part is knowing that people are out there who prey upon innocent bystanders. I was actually at a customer’s house last week when a scam phone call came in! The caller was claiming to be from ‘Global Computer Services’, trying to tell my client that they were experiencing computer problems, and somehow this caller would be able to fix the problem! When I took the phone and spoke to the caller, he could not tell me what the operating system was, what kind of computer it was, how he knew the computer was in distress, or what the symptoms were – nor could he disclose what high-tech tools he was using to monitor this dire situation!

That being said, I urge everyone to remember a few simple things:

1. NOBODY is monitoring your computer for signs of distress!

2. Banks will NEVER email you for information – if they want to reach you, it will be via telephone or snail mail!

3. NOBODY will email you to tell you that you have been left millions of US Dollars, pounds, Lira, Euros, or Canadian Tire money!

4. Inputting your credit card number in the box on the screen WILL NOT fix the problem! This is a virus AND a scam – it’s a way for malicious people to mess up your computer AND get your credit card number! Your Antivirus program will not detect hardware issues.

Most importantly – NEVER GIVE YOUR GREDIT CARD NUMBER OUT TO ANYONE – especially if the request was unsolicited!