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PASSWORDS….How Safe Are Yours?

Passwords – how safe are yours? We all use passwords for any number of things. Logging into email, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Most websites or programs that need passwords use what are called password requirements to insure that the passwords you choose are sufficiently complex. This complexity can take the form or requiring that you use […]

Ransomware – should you pay it or fight it?

This is a great article taken from ‘Network World’ – what to do if you are the unfortunate victim of ransomware, the virus that encrypts your data, pictures and documents with military grade encryption. Currently, the only way to get it back is to pay the ransom.

Java zero-day exploit – should you uninstall your Java?

Experts are talking about the current Java exploit and recommending that if you’re not using your Java plug-in that it should be disabled or uninstalled to protect your computer from the possibility of falling victim to this problem. We have recevied several inquiries about this issue and as a result have done some research to […]

Data Recovery

PC Girls are pleased to announce that we have advanced data recovery equipment to allow us to retrieve data from a wider array of failed 2.5″ & 3.5″ SATA and IDE hard drives! We can recover data from over 65% of all failed hard drives. Using our equipment we can assess your failed hard drive and recover your data […]

So many scams, so little time

**Just an update to this scam – the caller may even identify themself as calling from Microsoft. Even though they may sound convincing, PLEASE REMEMBER – this is a scam! Don’t give anyone remote access to your computer or allow them to install things on it! Especially after just a phone call out of the […]

New Service! We will convert your precious photos to digital

Do you have shoeboxes full of pictures? We are now offering a new service – give us your shoeboxes full of family pictures and we’ll convert them to digital format format for you. We will burn them to CD or DVD, put them on a memory stick for your new digital picture frame, and make sure […]

Data Redundancy: Backup vs saving to an external hard drive.

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is certain to be taking lots of photos. To make sure you don’t lose those valuable pictures (We currently have a hard drive freezing in our freezer in hopes of salvaging the 6000 pictures that on it that are our client’s ONLY copy…), the best bet is to ensure […]

What is a virus, and do I have one?

Worried about computer safety? There are a few easy ways to tell if you’re infected, and some simple ways to take care of it yourself – if you’re comfortable doing so.  As always, prevention is always the best medicine! #1 – when you try to go to a website, you get redirected. This is a […]

Format vs Fix-It?

Are you frustrated enough with your computer to just want to format and start again? Is it really worth the hassle to do so?  A lot of calls that we get here at PC Girls revolves around that exact thought…clients ask us if we can just reinstall for them, and we usually do our best […]